A Snap screenshot Snap is a great Free Software program to help you manage your digital photos. Once Snap loads your photos, you can view them by date or in "time bands"—groups of pictures taken closely together in time—which allows you to look at pictures from a given trip or event all in one group. Once you have the photos in groups, you can add labels and captions (either one at a time or to a whole group), filter and search the labels and captions, delete or rename labels (for example, change the label "baby hedgehog" in all of your pictures to "cutest thing in the world" (Snap lets you put spaces or pretty much any characters except commas in label names). You can also view individual photos in a larger view, export photos to a file size more appropriate to sharing by e-mail, and more.

Snap stores all the label and keyword information in the pictures themselves (in a special section of the file meant for this sort of thing), so that other applications that "understand" the standard can read the labels and captions, too. This means that you can organize all your photos with Snap, share the files with friends, and they can see all your captions and keywords in Snap without having to keep the files organized the same way on their computers or having to share configuration files.

That's about it for now, although we're working on improving the current features and adding new ones. If you'd like more technical details about Snap, check out the Snap Development Wiki